Saturday, November 07, 2015

The Beginning of my new life is nigh?

So a few days ago I got this email:

Regarding Visa Application: GWF033345954
For: (ME)
A decision has been made on your UK Visa application. Your application will be dispatched shortly from the Decision Making Centre in Sheffield, UK. If anyone contacts you advising that your application is still under consideration or that they can influence the outcome of your application in any way, they cannot - please report any such approach to
Applications submitted at a Visa Application Centre will be returned there for you to collect.
Applications submitted in Yaounde, Dakar, Banjul, and Lagos Visa Application Centres will be available for collection 3 - 5 days after receipt of this email. Please do not attend these VACs until this time has passed, or until you are notified that your documents are ready for collection.
Applications submitted at the mobile VAC in Abidjan will be returned by courier directly to the address you have provided.
You should not expect to receive any further notification from this office unless you have made your application in North America and submitted a pre-paid courier envelope for your documents to be returned directly to you. If so you will also receive a further email with the courier tracking reference. Please note that if you applied at the Toronto Visa Application Centre on or after 28 April 2015, and have paid for your documents to be returned directly to you, you will shortly receive your tracking number from the Visa Application Centre rather than from this office.
Kind regards,
Sheffield Visa Section

Well, the documents are in Louisville now... and I have to wait until Monday morning before I find out if I got the visa or not. I really wish they's just come out and tell you! From what I do understand, this email they send is a generic one that everyone gets, regardless of acceptance or denial.

So if I get it, I can finally join my most awesome and cuddly cute husband in the UK!

I'm so excited and I'm not sure I can actually wait until Monday!


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