Friday, November 27, 2015

The Journey Has Begun

After saying some goodbyes, I celebrated my Thanksgiving Day by saying thank you to the many many people who have loved and supported me throughout this entire ordeal with my visa.

I then boarded the aeroplane in Birmingham, AL and started the trip! 

Now, I'm in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and about to do some planespotting for Richard before the flight leaves across the pond tonight.

I can't believe this is actually happening!

Monday, November 16, 2015

The date is set for the big move... (and more things)

Well, the date has been set for Thanksgiving Day as the move (26 November).

I'm going to be flying off to Ft Lauderdale to do some planespotting for a day (for my Richard) and then I will be flying across the pond the next day. Hey, can I help it if prices are cheaper doing it this way?

I guess the day is quite symbolic. Thanksgiving Day. I'm very thankful for many things. Skipping the obvious, I really am thankful for the USA. I've had quite a few people ask me if I'm getting tired of living here, and well, it's a mixed bag. Yes, I'm tired of a lot of the BS and politicking that's going on as well as the ever-present polarization of the nation... but there's also quite a lot to be thankful for. I'm never tired of the freedoms that we enjoy (and I think we enjoy some of them a it *too* much). I will never tire of what the USA stands for. Sure, the USA and more precisely, its people, is viewed as being a stuck up spoiled brat child of a nation who always wants to get their way, but be honest, don't all nations always want to get their way? The USA just has more bully power. OK... I'm not going to get off on that tangent... you'd be reading War and Peace by the time I'd be done with that. Back to Thanksgiving... I'm also thankful for the country that has seen fit to allow me in to be a productive member of their society. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland finally has seen fit to let me in, and I will not let them down. Third, the friends I have been able to make that live in the UK (thanks Facebook!) have made me feel so much better about moving to Terra Incognita. It's scary, but I will have Richard and friends to help me.

I will say this again, because I have gotten asked a few more times over this past week about it, but yes, I do plan on becoming a British subject. I will not however, renounce my US citizenship. Yes, I am allowed dual citizenry. 

Lots and lots of exciting things are in my future. I will for the first time in my life, be able to spend holidays with a loved one (excluding family of course). I do plan on expanding my photography work. I will still continue to take landscapes and improve on them by doing new and different things, but I also have a lot more portrait work and artistic work planned. I do want to do nudes, and yes, I have some volunteers already (get your mind out of the gutter... this is NOT pornography). I will be diving into themed art pieces... one in particular is very very exciting and will be hugely symbolic. I'm hoping to get this into a gallery somewhere if I can pull it off. I'll be doing light painting as well, which is just hugely cool!

It's truly fantastic to have people that support me fully in all of this. The first person who really believed that I had talent in photography was my friend Ron. He told me time after time that I had talent, but I guess I would always not think that highly of myself and I just lacked confidence in myself. The people at Grace Episcopal Church in Cullman, Alabama also helped a lot to build my confidence enough to help me take the big step into the pro world. Richard has been the key for me though. He's my future in everything, and I'm soooo thankful that I have a wonderful partner and husband to help me in my endeavours in photography (and more importantly everything else!).

Finally, I have been asked how the events in Paris and Lebanon have affected my plans. Well, they haven't at all. That's not to say that Richard and I haven't talked about moving back to the US in a few years if things do get worse, but I think we will be just fine in England for a while to come.

I'm gonna miss a lot of you guys... friends, family... you know who you are.


Monday, November 09, 2015

Whilst riding the wave of emotions...

So I know a lot of you are going to be curious about where I will be going from here...

Well, first, Richard and I have to decide on a date that I will be flying over. It's hovering around 21 November.

Second, I will have to tie up all loose ends and affairs here in the USA. This means selling off a bunch of things that I will not need in the UK.

Third... well that's the easy part. I'm going to Britain (OK, the United Kingdom, Great Britain or as I now know it... HOME).

I will do my best to document and share a lot of my life and travels and experiences while there and abroad.

This is just the beginning of a fantastic journey, and I cannot wait for it to begin!

Thank you all for your support.


Well... I have FINALLY heard the news...

Watch the video to hear the news...

Saturday, November 07, 2015

The Beginning of my new life is nigh?

So a few days ago I got this email:

Regarding Visa Application: GWF033345954
For: (ME)
A decision has been made on your UK Visa application. Your application will be dispatched shortly from the Decision Making Centre in Sheffield, UK. If anyone contacts you advising that your application is still under consideration or that they can influence the outcome of your application in any way, they cannot - please report any such approach to
Applications submitted at a Visa Application Centre will be returned there for you to collect.
Applications submitted in Yaounde, Dakar, Banjul, and Lagos Visa Application Centres will be available for collection 3 - 5 days after receipt of this email. Please do not attend these VACs until this time has passed, or until you are notified that your documents are ready for collection.
Applications submitted at the mobile VAC in Abidjan will be returned by courier directly to the address you have provided.
You should not expect to receive any further notification from this office unless you have made your application in North America and submitted a pre-paid courier envelope for your documents to be returned directly to you. If so you will also receive a further email with the courier tracking reference. Please note that if you applied at the Toronto Visa Application Centre on or after 28 April 2015, and have paid for your documents to be returned directly to you, you will shortly receive your tracking number from the Visa Application Centre rather than from this office.
Kind regards,
Sheffield Visa Section

Well, the documents are in Louisville now... and I have to wait until Monday morning before I find out if I got the visa or not. I really wish they's just come out and tell you! From what I do understand, this email they send is a generic one that everyone gets, regardless of acceptance or denial.

So if I get it, I can finally join my most awesome and cuddly cute husband in the UK!

I'm so excited and I'm not sure I can actually wait until Monday!