Friday, December 05, 2014

So I had this genetic test done...

I've been waiting a long time, but my y-DNA test has been completed! What's a y-DNA test? It's a genetic test done that compares DNA that is only passed father to son. It's very useful for genealogy research.

Based on my existing family history (which has actually been re-written a bit because of this test and other tests from FamilyTreeDNA), my familial origins are from Wales and England. More specifically, I have definite roots back to James Brittain, b.1705 d.1779, Wales, UK & Richard Britton b. 1585 Batcombe, Somerset, England. 

What's this make me? Well as expected, my immediate roots out of the US are Welsh, then English as you go further back in time.

What makes this really interesting is that my results are adding a much needed distance dimension to the Britton DNA project.

More interesting information later!

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Another quick update on the visa process...

Thought I'd give everyone a quick update on the process of my immigration visa.


The good news is that the longer I have to wait, the better it generally is. The last time, I heard back very quickly about my denial. I'm now running somewhere in the neighborhood of 9-10 weeks, and the waiting period is between 2-12 weeks. So according to the UKVI, 96% of visas have been decided by this point. I also hear that they are a bit backed up, so really, I could hear at any point in time. I cannot travel out of the country at all because they have my passport... so I'm totally at their mercy.

It's going to be rough this Christmas because most likely I will NOT be moving in time; however, I do have the trip to Vegas planned with Richard at New Years, so hopefully everything will work out by then.

In the meantime... I'm just working in Kentucky. :-(